LaRocque Bey School Of Dance Theatre Inc

Harlem Since 1960

63 Years  &  Growing

LaRocque Bey School of Dance Theatre Inc.
   Harlem Since 1960

Malcolm Shabazz Cultural Center - 102 W. 116th St. Malcolm X Blvd. ( Lenox Ave.) 
Harlem, NY. 10026  313-444-9184        Brother Jerome Hunter - Director 

Our Mission .......


To provide children, teens, adults and seniors with exceptional training and education in dance, music, and theatrical arts with a cultural awareness. 

Our student body will be provided with the necessary skills, techniques, and discipline that will serve as a foundation for those pursuing a career in dance or to those who are looking for a healthier lifestyle in fitness.

We will achieve our mission by offering classes that teach flexibility, strength, agility, talent coordination, positive self image, mind & body discipline, as well as culture and social responsibility.

That will continue to be our focus, preserving the legacy of our late founder LaRocque Bey.

Through Dance, Drum, Music, various art forms as well as a professional staff, we plan to maintain a  positive productive & successful organization for many years to come..

" A Healthy Mind Leads To A Healthy Body" 


Saturday Classes for children teens adult & seniors



Harlem Since 1960